Where to get FIFA 18 for cheap? Find out here!

FIFA 18 Covers for Xbox and PS4
FIFA 18 Covers for Xbox and PS4

With only a few days left for the FIFA 18’s official release, fans have been looking for places to get the game for the cheapest price possible, and we’d here to help! Remember that EA will most likely launch more DLCs, and keep in mind that you might have to shell out more cash at some point if you have a habit of buying DLC for your games.

FIFA 18 is officially going to be launched on September 29th, and here are the coolest deals that we’ve found for PS4 users:


You can get the all-new FIFA 18 with gold pack DLC for as low as 54.85 GBP. It’s a bit more expensive, but they are usually pretty fast when it comes to delivery times.


You can pre-order the game from their website for 49.99 GBP, and they apparently deliver you the game on the launch date. It comes with 5 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, and 8 special edition FUT kits.


Amazon is always one of the best places to buy stuff on the Internet, and they never cease to amaze us with their offers. You can get the game for 49.99 GBP if you’re a regular Amazon member, and 47.99 GBP if you’re a Prime member.


You can get the FIFA 18 with 5 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches and 8 special edition FUT kits for 47.85 GBP!

Here are some deals for Xbox One players:


simplygames47.85 GBP

Amazon UK49.99 GBP

Tesco49.99 GBP

The Game Collection46.95 GBP

The Best FIFA 18 Icon Edition Deals:

PlayStation Store89.99 GBP

Amazon UK89.99 GBP

Electronic First79.95 GBP

You can also give the game a try for free using the Access Trial, available on EA and Origin Access. Please note that the listed prices are only for reference purposes, and the prices on this webpage only reflect the prices of the games at the time of writing this article.

The game is going to be about 45 gigabytes large, and you might want to get started by clearing up some of that disk space!

Do you know a good place that sells the all-new FIFA 18 at a lower price? Please do let us know and we will make sure to add it to our list of deals. Happy gaming!


FIFA 18 Player rankings with a couple of days for release

So, FIFA 18 is finally about to release. With only a few days away from the official launch, almost everything in the game has been confirmed. Cristiano Ronaldo’s officially the FIFA 18’s cover star, and the official teaser showcased the Frostbite engine at its best.

FIFA 17 features about 70 stadiums in the game, and we hope they’ve added more to this edition. But, FIFA fans are more concerned about the player ratings than stadiums. Many reviewers and gamers agree that the player ranking in the game isn’t fair, and the developers could have done a better job at ranking the players. However, this is a thing that happens every year, but seeing players who hadn’t been part of complete seasons on the top, and active and hard-working players on the bottom aren’t fair.

Of course, the ranking of the best players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar cannot be argued with, they deserve the top spot. But, when it comes to players slightly down the list, there’s a lot of apparent bias.

#5 Gonzalo Higuain – 90

After a disastrous run at Real Madrid, he was back to form at Napoli and had a huge transfer to Juventus, he had a huge bump in his ratings in FIFA 18. He started from a mere 84 rating in FIFA 16, 88 in ’17 and 90 this year. We believe this isn’t fair as other players have outperformed him in many ways, and many players that had worked for whole seasons have not been prioritized.

#4 Marek Hamsik – 87

Looks like the only reason Hamsik has been rated 87 is his loyalty to Napoli. Considering his dribbling, passing and shooting scores that are all relatively high for his performance, and putting him alongside players like David Silva in the top 100 is rather arguable.

#3 Hector Bellerin – 81

Although it’s quite arguable that his poor performance in last season had an impact on Arsenal, a Premier League Defender with ratings that high deserve a better credit on the game. But, he has only been given an 81 on the game.

#2 Marcos Alonso – 81

Marcos Alonso has basically been the backbone for his team’s successful campaigns, but his achievements could only rake them a paltry 81 rating. It’s definitely a wrong move by FIFA, and the well-performing Spaniard can’t even beat some below-par players on the game, due to his surprisingly low ratings.

#1 Isco – 86

Honestly, you don’t see players like him every day. He had excelled in all kinds of positions and he’s an extremely agile player. He’s a workaholic, and his work rate is also high. There’s no convincing answer for his overall rating of 86 in the game.

Surprisingly, James Rodriguez and Isco both have the same rating on the game, while the latter had outperformed the former in recent matches even when they were in the same team.

There are going to be serious impacts on the gameplay when gamers unknowingly choose their players based on their real-life performance. Well, it wouldn’t take much longer to see what FIFA’s up to!

FIFA 18 Latest updates

The latest addition to everyone’s favorite football video game series, FIFA 18 is just weeks away from its official launch and fans are more excited than ever!

EA has been releasing the top 100 players that are going to be featured in the game, ten at a time, on a weekly basis. The much-awaited FIFA 18 demo is expected to launch next week, although EA’s development team have not confirmed it officially. So, there’s a small window for EA to release the rest of the names.

Here are the latest rankings released by EA. (Rankings from 1 – 20 aren’t released yet)


FIFA 18 Cristiano Ronaldo’s Card Leak

A YouTuber has allegedly leaked what looks like the game’s card for Cristiano Ronaldo on Twitter, using a Twitter handle “iHazCarrot”. The leaked card says that Cristiano Ronald has an overall rating of 95 in the game. However, it isn’t that surprising as Ronaldo’s one of the best players in FIFA 18.

We aren’t sure how legitimate the card that was posted is, and the official team has not responded yet regarding the claim.

FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch!

EA Sports just confirmed that FIFA 18 is going to run on 1080p at 60 FPS and 720 at 60 FPS. However, the game will not run on the Frostbite Engine and will not support single player campaign mode on the Nintendo Switch. EA has promised that it will use the Nintendo Switch’s GPU to its fullest to deliver maximum performance.

What else is new on FIFA 18?

FIFA 18 is using an updated version of the previous year’s Frostbite engine and is introducing “real player motion technology” for the first time ever. This update gives players on the game individual behavior, playing styles and a lot of responsiveness.

Alex Hunter is making a comeback in The Journey: Hunter Returns. The career mode has become a huge success in FIFA 17, so EA added more stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo in this mode.

Managers can now interact with players, although only by text-based choices and not voice.

The Ultimate Team would be the main selling point for FIFA 18, and PlayStation 4 players will be able to finally use legends in the game. Thierry Henry, Pele, Maradona will be available as “icons” for the gamers on the latest consoles. However, gamers who aren’t on the latest consoles are going to miss this feature.

So, there’s everything new about FIFA 18, with only 2 weeks before the launch of the game, there’s going to be lots of things on the news. Make sure you check us out often to know the latest updates about your favorite football game.

The FIFA 18 Demo is almost here!

FIFA 18 demo release September 12
FIFA 18 Demo Release

Now that FIFA 18 is officially just a couple weeks away, FIFA fans have never been more excited. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the game, there’s a demo version of the game being released in about a week.

Wondering about what the best platform is for FIFA 18, or how to get your hands on the upcoming demo version? Well, we’ve curated everything that you need to know about the all-new FIFA 18.

On what platforms is the game going to be available?

FIFA 18 is officially going to available with all its features on Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. It will still be available for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Nintendo Switch and of course, PC – but you’d only get to play a trimmed down version of the game on these consoles/devices.

Are there going to be better graphics in this edition?

Well, yes. But, FIFA 18 is still powered by pretty much the same graphics engine that supported FIFA 17. Although it has been tweaked, and EA claims to deliver better graphics, we don’t think you can find any exceptional difference in terms of graphics.

However, facial animations, player movement, and the stadium’s ambiance has been significantly improved in this edition.

Xbox 360 / PS3 user? Listen…

Unfortunately, FIFA 18 is not going to feature The Journey or use the Frostbite engine for your consoles, and it will run on the Ignite graphics engine. We recommend you upgrade your console to enjoy FIFA 18 at its best.

This basically means FIFA 18 is going to be pretty much the same game.

FIFA 18 on the Nintendo Switch!

FIFA has been custom built for the Nintendo Switch. Although the game doesn’t come with the Frostbite engine, it does offer impressive graphics at 60 FPS. The 6-hour battery life of Nintendo Switch will keep you entertained with your favorite game on your trips.

You can also play Ultimate Team and buy packs, while you’re on an active Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch version of the game is not going to feature The Journey and the Career Mode is going to be very much like the previous year’s one. FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch can be bought in the Nintendo store.

Some things that you need to know

FIFA 18 is finally introducing interactive transfer negotiations in Career Mode, but the sad part is that there’d be no audible dialog. Yes, the dialog appears just as a text below the character and will not be spoken by the characters.

EA also decided to replace the Xbox-exclusive Legends for the new multi-platform icons. FIFA 18 will most likely fix the input delays that caused a massive outrage from the fans, there were also rumors that online matches were rigged to favor weaker players.

Well, we can all agree that every game has a certain degree of flaws that impact our gameplay and our gaming experience. However, we feel that this game is a significant improvement over FIFA 17 in terms of graphics and gameplay.

New features in FIFA 18 | PES 2018 Online demo now available



FIFA has brought out some great new features that are coming to the next new FIFA 18 game. The features will be coming to PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.

Also for the first time in the FIFA history, it will include Germany’s third division. Which is known as 3 Liga. The news was first brought out by a report in Kicker and later on, the features were checked by the Ultimate Team experts on the website futhead.com

Christiano Ronaldo his data was recently captured during a training session at a mobile EA Capture Studio somewhere in Madrid, Spain to deliver innovation in FIFA 18. This includes data about his skills, shooting technique, acceleration and run cadence.

Ronaldo Edition Pre-Order bonus.

If you Pre-Order the Ronaldo Edition of FIFA 18, you will receive a lot of extras. you will receive 3 days early access, a Christiano Ronaldo loan player, 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs and some other extras.

The news that another league is coming to the new FIFA 18 game is getting confirmed by this awesome video by EA Sports. In this video, the process of the character creation and animations in the game is shown. The video is a 360 degrees video and the star in this video is Christiano Ronaldo who is wearing a motion capture suit. So far this looks really great and it will probably make FIFA 18 very realistic. According to FIFA 18, this is the biggest improvement and innovation in the whole series. In the new FIFA 18, they also introduced Real Player Motion Technology. This is an all new animation system which creates a whole new level of responsiveness and player personality.

This makes it so that the players like, Christiano Ronaldo and every other top player move exactly like the would do in the field. Even their arm movements are recorded and put into the game.

FIFA 18 – Cristiano Ronaldo Free Kick – 360° Motion Capture

360 degrees of Ronaldo 👀 🙌

Posted by EA SPORTS FIFA on Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For all the football fanatics that might be interested in trying another game can play the PES 2018 Online demo. It’s always nice to see what the competitors have to offer. The best thing is that you don’t even need a Xbox Live Gold Subscription or a PlayStation Plus account.

This demo is available to play till July 31st. The demo isn’t a full demo and closer to the release date there will be a full demo available that you can download. More info about the PES Online 2018 demo here.