FIFA 18 Player rankings with a couple of days for release

So, FIFA 18 is finally about to release. With only a few days away from the official launch, almost everything in the game has been confirmed. Cristiano Ronaldo’s officially the FIFA 18’s cover star, and the official teaser showcased the Frostbite engine at its best.

FIFA 17 features about 70 stadiums in the game, and we hope they’ve added more to this edition. But, FIFA fans are more concerned about the player ratings than stadiums. Many reviewers and gamers agree that the player ranking in the game isn’t fair, and the developers could have done a better job at ranking the players. However, this is a thing that happens every year, but seeing players who hadn’t been part of complete seasons on the top, and active and hard-working players on the bottom aren’t fair.

Of course, the ranking of the best players like Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar cannot be argued with, they deserve the top spot. But, when it comes to players slightly down the list, there’s a lot of apparent bias.

#5 Gonzalo Higuain – 90

After a disastrous run at Real Madrid, he was back to form at Napoli and had a huge transfer to Juventus, he had a huge bump in his ratings in FIFA 18. He started from a mere 84 rating in FIFA 16, 88 in ’17 and 90 this year. We believe this isn’t fair as other players have outperformed him in many ways, and many players that had worked for whole seasons have not been prioritized.

#4 Marek Hamsik – 87

Looks like the only reason Hamsik has been rated 87 is his loyalty to Napoli. Considering his dribbling, passing and shooting scores that are all relatively high for his performance, and putting him alongside players like David Silva in the top 100 is rather arguable.

#3 Hector Bellerin – 81

Although it’s quite arguable that his poor performance in last season had an impact on Arsenal, a Premier League Defender with ratings that high deserve a better credit on the game. But, he has only been given an 81 on the game.

#2 Marcos Alonso – 81

Marcos Alonso has basically been the backbone for his team’s successful campaigns, but his achievements could only rake them a paltry 81 rating. It’s definitely a wrong move by FIFA, and the well-performing Spaniard can’t even beat some below-par players on the game, due to his surprisingly low ratings.

#1 Isco – 86

Honestly, you don’t see players like him every day. He had excelled in all kinds of positions and he’s an extremely agile player. He’s a workaholic, and his work rate is also high. There’s no convincing answer for his overall rating of 86 in the game.

Surprisingly, James Rodriguez and Isco both have the same rating on the game, while the latter had outperformed the former in recent matches even when they were in the same team.

There are going to be serious impacts on the gameplay when gamers unknowingly choose their players based on their real-life performance. Well, it wouldn’t take much longer to see what FIFA’s up to!