Where to get FIFA 18 for cheap? Find out here!

FIFA 18 Covers for Xbox and PS4
FIFA 18 Covers for Xbox and PS4

With only a few days left for the FIFA 18’s official release, fans have been looking for places to get the game for the cheapest price possible, and we’d here to help! Remember that EA will most likely launch more DLCs, and keep in mind that you might have to shell out more cash at some point if you have a habit of buying DLC for your games.

FIFA 18 is officially going to be launched on September 29th, and here are the coolest deals that we’ve found for PS4 users:


You can get the all-new FIFA 18 with gold pack DLC for as low as 54.85 GBP. It’s a bit more expensive, but they are usually pretty fast when it comes to delivery times.


You can pre-order the game from their website for 49.99 GBP, and they apparently deliver you the game on the launch date. It comes with 5 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, and 8 special edition FUT kits.


Amazon is always one of the best places to buy stuff on the Internet, and they never cease to amaze us with their offers. You can get the game for 49.99 GBP if you’re a regular Amazon member, and 47.99 GBP if you’re a Prime member.


You can get the FIFA 18 with 5 FIFA Ultimate Team Jumbo Premium Gold Packs, Cristiano Ronaldo FUT loan player for 5 matches and 8 special edition FUT kits for 47.85 GBP!

Here are some deals for Xbox One players:


simplygames47.85 GBP

Amazon UK49.99 GBP

Tesco49.99 GBP

The Game Collection46.95 GBP

The Best FIFA 18 Icon Edition Deals:

PlayStation Store89.99 GBP

Amazon UK89.99 GBP

Electronic First79.95 GBP

You can also give the game a try for free using the Access Trial, available on EA and Origin Access. Please note that the listed prices are only for reference purposes, and the prices on this webpage only reflect the prices of the games at the time of writing this article.

The game is going to be about 45 gigabytes large, and you might want to get started by clearing up some of that disk space!

Do you know a good place that sells the all-new FIFA 18 at a lower price? Please do let us know and we will make sure to add it to our list of deals. Happy gaming!